PlayStation Now Lets Users Change Their PSN ID

Initially in beta last year, Sony has officially rolled out a new feature that lets users change their PSN names. Although the first change is free, it will cost $9.99 USD each change after. But PlayStation Plus subscribers get a $4.99 half-off deal.

Users are allowed to roll back to their previous PSN name for free, and there’s an option to display your new name next to your old name for 30 days.
Certain PlayStation 4 games released after April 1 this year should perform fine with the change, however, a few “games with issues identified” have been discovered with older hallmark titles like Grand Theft Auto V and Uncharted 4. Some issues range from save data and leaderboard statuses not rolling over to your new name, but Sony says reverting back should solve the problem. However, they make no guarantee’s about it.

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