Tonoyasu, commonly known as Yasu, is a taikomochi (male geisha) who lives in the Kibi region of Wano Country. Tonoyasu is a short man with a thick build. He has bushy dark hair gathered into a topknot as well as a stubble on his face. He wears a light kimono with stitches on the arms and legs, a polka-dotted bonnet around his head, and a dark bag that he carries on his back.

Tonoyasu is very easily excited, as he gushed over Zoro's accomplishments and showered the swordsman with compliments. He can also be self-deprecating, as he did not object when Zoro accidentally referred to him as "Kasu" (trash) instead of "Yasu" Tonoyasu saw the swordsman Roronoa Zoro and decided to follow him, having a good feeling about him and paying for some sushi for him to eat. He believed his decision vindicated when Zoro earned a lot of money gambling and took out some members of the Kyoshiro Family when they decided to stop him. Tonoyasu gushed over Zoro's accomplishments as they walked toward Ebisu Town, a leftovers town near the Flower Capital that Tonoyasu was from. After arriving at the town, Tonoyasu introduced Zoro to the people living there.

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